My Hero Academia: 10 Insane Events Coming To The Anime

The stakes and death toll rise in Japan's biggest superhero anime.

my hero academia
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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime in the world, and definitely the most popular ongoing superhero anime, with its most recent movie topping its opening weekend box office alongside blockbusters like Dune.

While a lot of exciting and mindbending fights and twists have already come out in the anime, viewers are still scratching the surface of just how crazy the story's going to be, with the end of season 5 hinting at the highly anticipated "war arc" that does the impossible - outdo the terrifying highs of the past season's My Villain Academia.

There are still many mysteries yet to unfold in the anime that haven't even been addressed in the manga, but there are many, many big reveals readers are avidly anticipating for season 6 and beyond.

With Deku manifesting the quirks of previous users and the League of Villains allied with the hundred thousand strong liberation army, the world of Quirks and heroes is only going to get wilder and darker from here.


MASSIVE spoilers for the manga and future seasons of My Hero Academia.

10. Dark Deku

my hero academia
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Given all the horror Deku's going to be facing in the story from here on out, it's unsurprising how much of it affects him deeply. No teenager should ever experience the horrors of war and death, nor should they ever feel like they have to carry the entire world on their shoulders. Deku, in recent chapters of the manga, does both, and becomes all the worse for it.

After becoming targeted by All For One, worrying about the lives and safety of his friends and loved ones, Deku goes out on his own, using his newly discovered powers to save people alone while Japan has fallen into chaos.

Without bathing or changing outfits, hardly resting or eating well, the endeavour turns him into what Horikoshi Kohei dubbed "Dark Deku", a take on Deku in his ragged hero costume that looks more like a monster in a horror manga.

It really drives home the terrible state the once sweet, enthusiastic, freckle-faced young hero is in at the time, showing what happens when you force one person to carry the weight of the world - a dark mirror to what happened to All Might.


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