My Hero Academia: Every Member Of Class 1-A Ranked Worst To Best

Which UA students went more "Plus Ultra!" than others?!

My Hero Academia

What does an orchestra and a great anime have in common? They both need excellent ensembles.

There are many things that anime excels at, such as energy, comedy and a luscious visual style. But, another part of the medium that makes it so fun is the focus on ensemble casts, giving all the supporting characters a ton of colour whilst still letting their protagonists grow.

Some amazing shows have excelled in this, such as Naruto or One Piece, but one of the best has to be My Hero Academia. This superpowered mega anime is electric, as the world-building is eye-catching, the blend of comedy and drama is well balanced, and, of course, the cast of characters are an absolute delight.

In the world of My Hero, you've got countless collections of characters, such as The Pros, The Big-Three, The Paranormal Liberation Front and more. Still, the show's main focus (and highlight) are the members of Class 1-A.

These poor kids have been through more deadly situations than the average villain and have become hardened veterans at this point. But, some are better than others, especially when you compare their quirks, personalities and involvement in the plot.


This list will contain spoilers.

20. Rikidou Sato (Sugarman)

My Hero Academia

Quirk: Sugar Rush

It's pretty easy to put this guy here, no matter how sweet he is. His power is essentially super strength, but he can only activate it when eating a bunch of sugar. While some kids might love that idea, it's certainly not the most practical as he needs to carry sweet snacks around with him just to fight crime. What if he can't find any?

Besides his lame power, he's also an underdeveloped character. Sato gets a little bit of personality when you find out he can bake, but other than that, he's given nothing to do. The guy just mulls around in the background making no impact whatsoever, and you don't even get the chance to see him in action very often.

He's a clear cut background character and close to being an extra at that. Thus, it's very easy to place him at the bottom of this list.


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