5 Reasons Why Watchmen Season 1 Succeeded

Move out of the way doubters, HBO did the impossible: made a worthy sequel to Watchmen!


The odds were against it, but credit where credit is due: Watchmen on HBO was a massive success in every way. Its ability to somehow balance a careful amount of fan service within a wholly original and interesting sequel that utilizes the original novel's canon is impressive. However, once you take into consideration the pure artistry shown off throughout nine hour-long episodes where the ending payoff is immensely satisfying, it becomes downright awe-inspiring.

Moving away from the caped noir-styled adventures towards a more 'realistic' alternate version of present-day was a bold artistic choice, but it ultimately paid off in the end. Now when you read the comics or even watch the 2009 movie and start craving a continuation, you've finally got one that's as artistically-driven as big-budget shows come.

Of course, the show isn't beloved by all or immune to controversy, as was made clear once it premiered. Whether it was the use of the Rorschach mask as a symbol for white supremacy or the racially-charged commentary fueled by the real-life 1921 Tulsa massacre that instigates the events of the show, many weren't shy about voicing their displeasure. Naturally, these elements were always going to inspire passionate responses, especially when they're portrayed in such a raw, powerful way.

Yet, this (among other things) illustrates why the show succeeded. It was brave in its decision-making and believed in crafting the vision of its showrunners rather than bending to the will of fans. In doing so, HBO's Watchmen will be truly timeless.

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