Netflix's The Order: 12 Questions That Must Be Answered In Season 2

Wizards versus werewolves: Netflix's new formula for headscratching storylines.


The first season of Netflix's The Order presents viewers with some intriguing concepts. Magic can do just about anything, but it always comes at a price. Werewolves are not simply humans who transform, but rather something more akin to Marvel's symbiotes. Magicians and werewolves both join collegiate secret societies that teach them to harness their powers in between bouts of heavy drinking.

While the core premise is somewhat absurd, Jack's mission to stop Edward Coventry from completing the powerful Vade Maecum Infernal incantation can be highly entertaining at times. Tonally, it falls somewhere between Being Human and pretty much every show on The CW. This might sound like a bad thing, but the oddity of the show's tonal dissonance quickly becomes part of its strange charm.

Unfortunately, the show succeeds most when it strays from the central conflict. Jack's drunken eggplant emojis and Hamish's functional alcoholism may provide entertainment, but they take up time that The Order might have used to answer some major questions regarding its world and story. If Netflix decides to pursue a second season, they'll hopefully take the following 12 questions into account.

Warning: The jury might be out regarding werewolves, but major spoilers in the following entries are undeniably real.


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