Netflix's The Order: 12 Questions That Must Be Answered In Season 2

4. Where Are The Dead Neophytes?

The Order Questions

Thanks to the Necrophone, viewers gain some insight into the afterlife long before Jack's near-death experience in Finals, Part One. The dead refer to being in a dark place, with little memory of how they got there. Importantly, they are in this place alone.

After being attacked by the Vade Maecum, Jack thinks he has died and gone to the afterlife with Weston, Drea and Amir. He then realizes, upon witnessing memories for which he was not present, that he is not in the afterlife but rather the collective unconscious. This explains why Jack and his neophyte pals are able to explore their surroundings, rather than being confined to the dark nothingness described by Sophia Coventry when she speaks to Pete on the Necrophone.

Amir later tells Jack that you only stay in the collective unconscious if you want to, and Jack manages to escape simply by declaring his desire not to die. This suggests that the collective unconscious is a sort of limbo for those who have not yet moved on to the true afterlife.

This raises a few major questions. If revival is so simple, why have the other neophytes not accomplished it? Why are they in the unconscious instead of the afterlife in the first place, unless something has prevented them from fully moving on?

With these questions left open, it's possible we may see these characters again in Season 2. The introduction of an alternate afterlife allows for too many possible storylines to ignore, especially if Jack thinks the neophytes can help him find a way to revive Pete as he once revived himself.


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