Netflix's The Order: 12 Questions That Must Be Answered In Season 2

5. Will Gabrielle Become A Larger Threat?

The Order Questions

Gabrielle's evil streak begins early and escalates to insane levels throughout the season. She starts by using glamour spells to manipulate others, and quickly graduates to attempted murder on the sole basis that killing her professor will put an end to her pop quizzes.

She then responds with chilly efficiency when attacked by werewolf Kyle, standing her ground and dispatching the oversized wolf with a single knife thrust. When Vera sarcastically dubs her "Gabrielle Dupres: Werewolf Slayer," Gabby's apparent satisfaction with this nickname seems to suggest that werewolf hunting will become her new calling.

It doesn't. Her calling, as suggested by her previous attempted murder of Professor Benson, is to become an evil psychopath.

Gabrielle soon embarks on a torture crusade against her own friends and fellow Order members, following Vera's orders with a bit more enthusiasm than Vera intended. In the last episode of the season, she remains coolly silent when Brandon questions her willingness to kill Vera and the Knights in an attempt to reclaim Maddox.

After Vera takes over as Grand Magus, she tells Gabrielle that she has only one more shot at redemption; however, Gabby's continued patterns of manipulation and willful violence suggest that redemption is unlikely. As Gabrielle continues to learn stronger magic and gains access to new artifacts, she could easily become a greater threat than ever before.


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