New Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer Debuts

There's more Daleks than you can shake a plunger at, Weeping Angels, Cyborg Cowboys, Dinosaurs, planets being destroyed, dead Daleks, falling, running, the Ponds, the Doctor feeling sorry, a mention of the Master and more!

Clearly the Dalek clips are taken from Asylum of the Daleks, especially in light of the new banner that the Doctor Who Facebook page posted this morning. It does make me feel that Moffat has taken to heart the criticism of his New Dalek Paradigm from some quarters, and opted to use more of the Time War era Daleks instead. That we see an entire Dalek fleet lurking in space in one shot potentially opens a can of worms. Especially given we only see a handful of red Dalek Drones from the New Dalek Paradigm. Interestingly, as per the image above, Rory asks the Doctor, "Who killed all the Daleks?", to which the Doctor replies, "Who do you think?" In this case I honestly think it's Amy who has killed the Daleks, as the Doctor has always been loathe to kill anything, even the Daleks, unless it's the last possible option available to him. Only time will tell though.
Of the other clips, we've seen a lot of the Cyborg Cowboys one already, while seeing the full giant bipedal mining robots are a new and interesting addition (we've only caught glimpses of them previously). I can only think they'll play out in a similar fashion to the Gangers though, with a workforce turning on their masters.
Interestingly, Dinosaurs on a Space ship is increasing feeling like a homage to the iconic Third Doctor adventure 'Invasion of the Dinosaurs', albeit with far better special effects. It's also probably an attempt to appeal to a younger audience too, which remains a key demographic for growing the fan base of the show.
One thing that did fascinate me though was the Cherub Weeping Angel. Either the Weeping Angels can take the form of any statue or, and here's the kicker, we're about to find out how the Weeping Angels reproduce. For all we know this could be a baby Weeping Angel, who's parents are on a murderous rampage to find it. Or vice-versa, it could be the baby going on its stealthy murder spree. Either option is equally as juicy and will add to the growing menace of these increasingly popular monsters. There's also New York, Cleopatra and a Gangster (which I suspect are actually all the same episode, possibly set around a Broadway musical?), the men in the snow suits, a glimpse of River Song and a giant spaceship above Earth. Is that enough variety yet? I think so! So what are your thoughts on the new trailer? Any speculation on what's in store for us at the end of August?
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