New Star Trek Series To Be Set Before Picard With Evil Klingons?

To boldly go back to the future?

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Since the announcement of the new Star Trek show under Hannibal runner Bryan Fuller, the question of when it would be set has been top of the bill. That's not just which era it would fall into, but which timeline, after Universal knotted it all up with the Quintoverse. It now looks like we've got an answer to that - and a good one at that.

Rather than following JJ Abrams' Kirk 2.0 line, CBS have been asked by the movie studio to go back to the "normal"timeline of Shatner's Kirk and Stewart's Picard.

According to Birth Movies Death, the show will likely be set betweenStar Trek: The Undiscovered Country and the start of The Next Generation. So no Kirk (who will presumably still be lost in the Nexus at that point) and no Picard, unless he's recast as a nipper.

It's probably the safest move, setting the show between two successful anchors, rather than spinning off into the future beyond the Voyager timeline. And there's more than enough in that time period to offer bountiful story inspiration.

The same report suggests - while adding that the rumour should be taken for what it is - that Fuller has plans to make the Klingons villainous again, despite the Khitomer Conference establishing peace. Whether that means rogue Klingon factions railing against the conference remains to be seen, but it's exciting to have the old enemy returning in any villainouscapacity.

The other key information is that the seasons will apparently be set out as an Anthology, spanning different eras, with different ships,crews and captains. That further opens out story potential (and hopefully means we could see spin-offs of later seasons like Worf commanding his own vessel or the return of beloved supporting figures like Kelsey Grammer's Captain Morgan Bateson). It's certainly an intriguing prospect.

Would you be keen to see these plans play out for the new Star Trek TVshow? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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