Only True Doctor Who Fans Can Get 100% On This Impossible Companion Quiz

It's time to see how much you really know about past and present members of the TARDIS crew.

Doctor Who Companions

The Doctor may be able to go anywhere in time and space, but the wonders of the universe are only truly wonderful if you have the best of friends by your side. Usually favouring humans from the planet Earth, our favourite Time Lord has had a number of travelling companions over the years.

The Doctor admittedly took some convincing before they warmed to the idea of having other people along for the ride. In fact, the very first human companions, schoolteachers Ian and Barbara, were abducted completely by accident after stumbling into the TARDIS. Most companions after then have been politely invited by the Doctor to join them in their travels. How times change.

From talking robot dogs to would-be assassins, there’s no individual too strange for the Doctor to offer a ride across the galaxy to. There’s actually been so many different members of the TARDIS crew that some might think it’s impossible for even the biggest Doctor Who fan to get every question in this quiz about them correct.

Why not answer the next fifteen questions and see if you can prove them wrong?

1. Which Of These Companions Did NOT Travel With The First Doctor?

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