Orange Is The New Black: 10 Things You Need To Know About Ruby Rose

7. She Stopped Drinking To Help Cure Her Depression

Ruby Rose Pig
Paul Jeffers/AP

Actually, the phrase “she didn’t have it easy” is a bit of an understatement when it comes to describing Rose. Like finding a dead child was not enough, the actress’s teenage years were characterised by a series of horrible experiences that ran the gamut from severe bullying to sexual abuse and being diagnosed bipolar.

But, rather than allowing it all to crush her, Rose bravely pronounced herself ‘lucky’, telling fans that her brush with PTSD as teenager had equipped her to seek the appropriate professional help she needed to soar back to life. And soar she did, coming back to conquer whatever was thrown in her way with a vengeance, in the process becoming an inspiration to countless troubled teens world-wide.

Almost single-handedly, Rose has worked hard to remove the stigma associated with mental health problems, always being upfront about the hardships that she was going through. When, in 2013, the going got tough enough that she had to cancel a series of gigs, she released the most honestly touching statement ever, assuring everyone via Twitter that she was “not giving up" and that she was "addressing it”.

And that’s exactly what she did, going so far as to give up all alcohol because she felt that it was doing nothing to aid her mental health. That, and because she threw up on Katy Perry after the two crashed a high school party and got drunk.


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