Orange Is The New Black: 10 Things You Need To Know About Ruby Rose

8. Aged 14 She Discovered A Dead Body And Had To Be Treated For PTSD

Ruby Rose Pig
Richard Shotwell/AP

Some people have it easy, leaving a trail of rose petals trailing wherever they land. Rose is not one of them. Which is possibly part of the reason she is such an awesome human being, having experienced not just the glamour and thrills of stardom but also the total crap that life can throw at you.

And of the latter, Rose has had her fair share, getting touched by the darker side of life as far back as during her early teenage years, as she confided to over 96K followers on her Facebook page 2 years ago. When barely 14 years old, Rose found a dead child hanging while at a BBQ – understandably, the experience left her traumatised and she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and prescribed medication.

The incident later inspired her to take an active part in charities that aim to raise awareness about mental health issues. Rose is, in fact, a passionate ambassador for Headspace, an Australian mental health foundation that offers support to young people going through a difficult time, with particular focus on bullying, depression and anxiety. Rose has not only appeared on their commercials, but she also takes regular part in the organisation’s fund-raising activities, including performances.


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