Orange Is The New Black Season 2: 12 Things That Should Happen

12. That Penguin Joke Revealed In Full

A full retelling of the penguin-eggplant joke would further prove Orange's dedication to the absurd via the hilarious. The now-infamous penguin gag has spanned across the entire series, in a variety of timelines. What we know of the joke itself is minimal; it begins with €œSo a penguin and a farmer walk into a bar€ and ends with the punchline €œAnd finally, the penguin goes, €˜He€™s not an eggplant! He€™s retarded!€ First appearing during a flashback of Red€™s while she does her daily walking exercise with the rich snooty ladies of New York, she regales them with the joke, only to receive a terribly unwelcome response due to its offensive nature. The second telling crops up in one of Daya€™s flashbacks - with her mother€™s boyfriend delivering the punchline. A nifty tidbit, hinting that the drug dealin€™ mooch was likely in cahoots with the drug traffickers Red gets caught up with. And lest us forget, the inimitable Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) making a real song and dance out of the joke - its her entire performance for the Christmas pageant. Now, we€™d settle happily for more occurrences of this random gag - but ideally, the whole thing would be the bees knees.


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