Ozark: 10 Most Disturbing Moments

Can we all agree that everything the Snells do is creepy?

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Netflix' Ozark is coming to an end.

It's sad news to hear, but all good things should come to an end eventually. With a fourth and final season currently in development, it seems like the right time too. The show has been riding an impressive wave with excellent characters, twists and turns- any longer and the show might lose what made it so addictive to watch in the first place.

As one of the few shows to make audiences squirm in their seats, the visceral and surprising moments of the series come off the back of some of the biggest and best plot devices in television today. The story of a suburban family moving to a small, rural town and poisoning it from within with their antics (all at the behest of the Mexican Cartel) is going to leave a bloody and unnerving trail behind it.

But maybe what's surprised and disturbed audiences the most is just how far, and how diverse those disturbing moments were. Between lingering threats of violence, gory drawn-out scenes and just over-the-top weirdness, Ozark has twisted stomachs since episode one. As fans prepare for the final season (set to start returning later this year), it's only fitting that a look at some of the most disturbing and upsetting moments comes about.

While there are plenty of disturbing moments throughout the show, here are the top ten taken from the last three seasons.

10. Ben Is "Sacrificed" To The Cartel

Ozark All In

Quite possibly one of the best new additions to Ozark came with season three in the form of Wendy's brother Ben. Sadly, Ben's arrival is short-lived and while his demise was a cause of his own actions, Wendy end up being just as culpable as he is.

Viewers learn early on in the show that Ben suffers from Bipolar Disorder, and forgoing his medication does lead him down the path of being somewhat unpredictable. When he learns that the Byrde's are working with the Mexican Cartel, he doesn't respond to it well and furiously outs Helen Pierce in front of her own daughter.

What follows is the Cartel's (and Marty and Wendy's) realisation that Ben will forever be a liability. Wendy shields Ben for most of an episode as he flees from Nelson the Cartel assassin. But, Wendy eventually sees the futility of hiding her brother- and in a way, knows that she is only delaying the inevitable. Wendy abandons Ben in a diner, and the betrayed look on Ben's face as he steps outside is enough to break your heart and chill your spine.

Audiences never see the hit take place. But the arrival of Nelson, and a tearful scene where Wendy breaks down on a highway tells us enough that she just handed her baby brother over to a presumably grim death.

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