Ozark: 10 Most Disturbing Moments

9. Del Searches For The Thief

Ozark All In

The first episode of Ozark had to grip viewers from the jump, and what better way to do that, then with an unnerving and stomach-churning sequence in which a Cartel lieutenant calmly and mercilessly kills his employees.

The tension is already riled up when Del gathers Marty, Bruce, his fiancee Liz, and a father-son business duo together and demands to know where 'his f***ing money is'. The look on everyone's faces is one of bewilderment.

But what elevates the scene to disturbing, is when Del shoots Liz dead through a toilet door just to get everyone's attention. The scene cuts to all four of the supposed thieves lined up on the floor, and Liz is fed into a barrel to be disposed of.

Marty keeps silent as his partners beg for their lives- and every oncoming death is so sudden and over so quickly, it's unnerving to watch. All the way throughout, Del speaks so calmly to those around him- you would think he didn't want stress anyone out in the room.

The sequence sets the tone for the show to come, and tells viewers they are going to be uncomfortable throughout the series.

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