Ozark Season 3: 6 Ups & 2 Downs

Season 3 of the hit show is back! Does it keep its momentum or have they lost the spark?

Ozark season 3

After an exciting season 2 finale and a successful awards run, Ozark is back with its 3rd season and expectations are high. When we last saw the Byrde family they were awkwardly smiling in front of their brand new casino looking like the first family of finance.

Charlotte giving up her demand of being emancipated (as long as her parents get therapy), Jonah looking dapper with a DIY haircut, Wendy fresh off ordering her first hit and Marty just finding out about it seconds before the photo was taken. A perfect picture of functioning dysfunction.

The target of this hit was Cade Langmore, Ruth's estranged father, fresh out of prison and unofficial Tiger King stunt double. After multiple failed attempts to find where Marty had been hiding the money, Cade threatened Charlotte for the information and that was all that it took for Wendy to want him permanently out the way.

Unfortunately, Cade's death had multiple ramifications that roll over into this season and it's threatened a lot of the character's relationships with each other.

Not taking into account that Marty just reneged on a handshake deal with the KC mob and he still lives in fear daily over what the cartel may do to him and his family. So safe to say entering season 3 with a handful of new characters, things won't be the same. Who said life was slow in the Ozarks?


8. Downs: Wyatt And Darlene's Relationship

Ozark season 3

This season wasn't perfect, but it didn't have any huge glaring issues that ruined the experience. However, two plot points seemed a bit forced for shock value and/or plot progression.

The first one involves the romantic relationship between Wyatt and Darlene which didn't add anything substantial to the plot. Every notable action they take (replanting the heroin, teaming up with the KC Mob, Wyatt lying for Darlene in court, recruiting Ruth) could have all been done without the romantic subplot and it seemed to be added strictly to make the audience go "WTF??"

It’s very understandable that Wyatt would cling to an intimate mother figure because that's something he's lacked his whole life. Plus the timing of it all only intensified the feelings with him being on his own and having nowhere to go.

Their situation just took a wide left when it became romantic and it didn't seem organic on a show where the character interactions are key.


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