Ozark Season 4: 12 Questions That Must Be Answered

We Need To Talk About Jonah.


Warning: Naturally there are spoilers within for season 3 of Ozark...

Ozark is a Netflix Original gemstone that has gained some seriously well-deserved momentum over the last three years. After a bloody and gut-wrenching second season, fans waited almost an entire year for the follow-up and it didn't disappoint.

Through ten new episodes we as an audience were dragged deeper into Wendy and Marty's gruesome world. The Blue Cat is gone and has been replaced by the Missouri Belle Casino, the drama involving the Cartels has escalated, and Marty and Wendy's marriage is going through hell once again.

There were standout performances as usual, none more so than newcomer Tom Pelphrey as Wendy's sweet-to-manic bipolar brother; a plot line so tragic and exhibits what Ozark is about that while it sadly won't be carried into the next season, it should be mentioned at any opportunity.

We also got to see some peculiar twists in the form of a Snell-Langmore romance, a developing friendship between Helen Pierce and Wendy Byrde, Ruth Langmore showing off impressive bouncer skills against a man twice her size and just a pinch more of Jonah being the most frightening teenager in Missouri.

The whole season was heart-racing from beginning to end, and we can't wait for what season four has to offer.

But after watching the third season, we've got some questions and theories that will need answering next season. To start things off, here are ten that spring to mind.

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