Parks And Recreation: The Impossible Ron Swanson Quiz

Good luck achieving 100% on this ultimate Ron Swanson quiz!

Ron Swanson Parks And Recreation

NBC’s hit comedy series Parks and Recreation boasted some of the most memorable and downright outrageous characters you’re ever likely to see in a television show.From Amy Poehler’s intensely enthusiastic Leslie Knope to Chris Pratt’s loveable goof Andy Dwyer, each individual Pawnee Parks and Recreation department employee regularly brings something undeniably distinct and often hilarious to the table.

However, it’s hard to look past none other than Nick Offerman’s unmistakable Ron Swanson as the show’s most consistent source of priceless one-liners and instantly meme-able moments. But, just how well do you know the famously well-moustached former director of the Parks and Recreation department? That is the question.

Stalwart himself likely won’t care whether you get 0% or completely ace this damn near impossible quiz, focussing on the character’s life and journey throughout this beloved mockumentary. But if you really want to stare down the barrel of this particularly daunting Swanson challenge and prove to yourself that you know absolutely all there is to know about the steely leader of men and women…then be our guest.

1. What Is At The Top Of Ron's Pyramid Of Greatness?


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