Parks & Recreation: 10 Great Moments From 100 Great Episodes

10. When Everyone Forgets Jerry's Retiring

Oh Jerry. I mean, Gary. No, definitely Jerry. Larry? There are so many great Jerry moments: only he could dislocate his shoulder after falling in a creek, reaching for a breakfast burrito. Only Jerry Gergich could go years being called the incorrect name out of politeness, and only he could work in the same job, in the same department, in the same building for his entire career and still have everyone forget the day he is retiring. No one saw it coming: even though that handy flashback did show Jerry stating early in the series that he was only 2 years away from his pension, it was still a complete shock. But after years of constant berating from his co-workers, it was also such a perfectly obvious development. Of course they all forgot he was retiring. Of course they all ignored every time he casually mentioned it leading up to that day. Of course they still didn't quite take it in while it was happening (cue Andy's 'See you tomorrow Jerry!' as Jerry exited the room).

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