Parks & Recreation: 10 Hidden Jokes You Totally Missed

9. Leslie's Bizarre Holidays

Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope has many passions and chief among them are waffles, local government, her friends at Pawnee's Parks and Rec department and of course, inventing unusual holidays to celebrate her loved ones.

Arguably the most popular one from Leslie's oeuvre is Galentine's Day, which of course originated in the season 2 episode "Galentine's Day".

If you keep an ear out, however, you may catch some of the other bonkers commemorations that Leslie has created over the years to honour her nearest and dearest, especially Ben and Ann.

Some of these include celebrations such as Butt Day (January 8th), Calzone Day (June 20th), Ann Day (March 14th), Haircut Day (August 13th) and Second Haircut Day (August 14th).


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