Parks & Recreation: 10 Hidden Jokes You Totally Missed

8. Andy's Stuffed Monkey

Parks and Recreation

In season four's nineteenth episode, we learn that the parks department's budget is about to be cut by Councilman Pillner (played by Bradley Whitford). When Leslie manages to convince him to reconsider that decision, it leads to Pillner cutting the budget of an animal shelter instead, which earns Leslie some very poor publicity.

To put a stop to the animals being put down as a result of the budget cut, the parks department decides to hold an adoption drive for them. April volunteers to organise this project in a truly rare display of enthusiasm.

During a scene where April is explaining that she prefers animals to people and that this is the reason she wanted to organise the adoption drive, Andy can be seen in the background of the shot playing with a stuffed monkey as though it was one of the real animals up for adoption.

The gag is very missable due to its placement on screen, but it is a nice, funny moment that sums up Andy's character pretty well.


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