Peaky Blinders: 10 Best Minor & Supporting Characters

In The Tale Of The Red Right Hand, Who Is The Best Supporting Character In The Series?

Alfie Solomons Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is no longer just a TV series, it has become a cultural phenomenon. With adults everywhere having their hair cut to match the style of those that are a part of the Birmingham gang, as well as pairing the hat with it too - sans the razorblades of course - you have to acknowledge when a show has gone beyond its original intentions and nestled itself in the social lexicon.

Well, the adventures of Tommy Shelby has certainly become unmissable over the last few years and with another season and a film yet to come, there is plenty of story left to come.

We all know the names of those that take every episode by the scruff of the neck, our Arthur Shelby's and our Polly Gray's are the backbone of the show and whatever end comes to pass, they will be involved somehow.

However, what about the minor characters? The ones that come and go here and there yet have an indelible effect on the show when they do. Their places in the show have been intricate and integral to the story and we often don't see them coming.

So, here we decided to rank the top 10 best minor characters for your pleasure.

10. Jeremiah Jesus

Alfie Solomons Peaky Blinders

How can you not love Jimmy? Though he is never the guy to be involved at the deepest level with Tommy and Arthur, he is a trusted and close friend of both.

Not only did Jeremiah fight with Tommy, Arthur, & Freddie in the tunnels underneath no man's land during the First World War, he also was the only man to come out of the experience and vow to never pick up a weapon again. Where Tommy and the boys fight, stab and shoot their way through Peaky Blinders, Jimmy is only ever involved when there is a religious ceremony to be had.

His devotion to the cloth divides him from the rest of his friends, though they clearly have a huge respect for him, we know that Tommy isn't exactly a man of God and that Arthur had his secular crisis before coming to the conclusion that he was 'Old Testament'.

In fact, the only time Jeremiah is willing to break his vow is when Kimber and his men try to attack Small Heath. Then he agrees to handle a weapon again to defend his home.

Though he wasn't seen much through the show, Jeremiah is a great character and lifts the screen whenever he is around.


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