Picard - 10 Essential Seven Of Nine Star Trek Episodes

The key episodes to help you understand who the returning legend is...


As Star Trek fans, we all love a returning hero, which has happened multiple times over the years in Trek shows (and movies) and now Picard is following suit with the reappearance of beloved Voyager character Seven of Nine.

Seven of Nine quickly became a fan favourite character after her introduction at the beginning of Star Trek Voyager's fourth season. Jeri Ryan herself has stated that she was well aware why the character was being brought in as soon as she saw the initial costumes but Seven rose above the 'sex symbol' she had been created as with a myriad of great episodes, brilliant acting and engaging plotlines.

Watching her growth from cold Borg drone to crew member, surrogate mother, tentative romantic and a true heroine made for some of the most resonant stories on Voyager, though these came about not without drama.

She's now back of course, but for fans looking for a refresher as she becomes a key part of Picard, we've compiled the key episodes you need to watch.

10. Letting Loose - Timeless


Kicking off the list with a short but funny entry, Star Trek Voyager celebrated its 100th episode with a time travel episode. We had Geordi, we had a seasoned, embittered Harry Kim (probably still an Ensign) and we had the fantastic crash landing sequence on the frozen planet.

During the celebration scenes in engineering, glasses of Star Trek's most popular alcohol substitute synthahol are passed around. As people clink cheers to each other, the camera lingers on Seven, watching her hand like a flower child at Woodstock. The Doctor comes to speak to her and she worries that her implants are beginning to malfunction - her motor and visual processors are slipping. The Doctor, concerned, scans her. She's three sheets to the wind.

Seven has constantly been a source of straight laced stiff-upper-lip dignity and here in just a few moments, Jeri Ryan shows a command of comedy as she allows the Doctor to take her away to sickbay but not before she thanks him for his kind mentoring skills. 'We are as one!' she exclaims with excitement, repeating it to a shocked Harry Kim. Barely 30 seconds long and one of the funniest scenes in Voyager's history


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