Picard – 10 Past Clues To What Could Happen Next (& Where To Find Them)

Where is Picard going next? There are plenty of clues in Star Trek past...

Data Lore Picard

Picard is a show that is built on Star Trek lore and blessedly a show that for the most part respects Star Trek lore. For dedicated fans, there’s nothing more satisfying than recognising all the throwaway references to things from past instalments. Picard is a fully developed character with decades of history, so to see that acknowledged and used to the benefit of the character as we see him today and to the story being told is a real pleasure.

The show is advancing at a pace and the mystery at the core of the story is growing ever deeper. The breadth of existing Star Trek material is vast and as such there are plenty of clues about what’s going on and what could happen next.

You could spend a lifetime looking for those clues and you’d have a great time doing it. But, Picard isn’t getting any younger; so, to save you the time, here are ten places to look if you want to know more about Picard’s latest adventure.

10. Picard Could Seek Out A Forgotten Soong Type Android

Data Lore Picard

There is another, secret, Soong type android out there. In The Next Generation Episode, Inheritance, the Enterprise assists two scientists in saving the world (their world, Altrea IV). On meeting Data one of the scientists reveals she is his mother.

The scientist, Juliana Tainer, explains that she was married to Noonien Soong while he was developing Data. Unsettled by this revelation, Data begins to investigate and discovers that Juliana Tainer, like himself, is a Soong type android, though she is unaware of it. After wrestling with the moral decision of whether to tell her or not, Data resolves to let her live her life thinking she is human.

There’s potential here for deeper complexity and conflict between the Soong family and the Romulans. One thing is for sure, Picard knows that this ‘mother’ android is out there. Don’t be surprised if Picard, Raffi, Dr Jurati, Rios, Elnor and Seven of Nine make an unscheduled stop at Altrea IV.


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