Preacher Season 3: 3 Ups & 1 Down From 'Hilter'


3. Featherstone & Tulip

Preacher Season 3

Ever since she masqueraded as defenceless Jenny, Featherstone has been a thorn in Tulip's side. However, Tulip did manage to get a little revenge on the female antagonist several episodes ago, when she gave Featherstone a big smack in the face. But their rivalry is far from over, and the two came face to face again in this week's instalment. Following Jesse's call to Herr Starr, Featherstone arrives with her boss - much to Tulip's dismay.

The two women are disgruntled by the fact that they're forced to spend time together, which is made even worse when Starr informs Featherstone that she will be going on a mission - with Tulip accompanying her. The strong writing here ensured that the two women have no other choice but to work together, and the conflict is glorious. Featherstone intentionally messes with Tulip, and Tulip finds it difficult to resist fighting back, so there are plenty of comedy moments scattered throughout. Let's hope we get to see more of this unlikely duo next week, when they'll no doubt encounter problems with their mission.

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