Preacher Season 3: 3 Ups & 1 Down From 'The Tom/Brady'


3. Satan & Marie's Alliance

PREACHER S3 308 Devil

This episode sees Marie L'Angelle having a nightmare. She awakes in horror, realising that her time on this earth could well and truly be nearing its end. She calls someone up to come and see her, but we're not sure who it is, but when Satan arrives at her door, it's revealed that the two antagonists not only know each other, but are in cahoots with one another.

The revelation was spectacular, and it's soon revealed that Satan and Marie have a deal: she can have as many souls as she likes while she's living, but the minute she dies, then Satan takes her to hell. The chemistry between the two characters is off the charts, with each one almost attempting to be more evil than the other.

Not only is this alliance a great story move, it also rectifies some of the problems that have plagued Preacher's third season. Up until this point, it had been hard to buy Marie as a legitimate antagonist. In comparison to The Saint of Killers or The Grail, she's just a frail old lady. But this scene highlights that she's got powerful people in her pocket, and that she herself is more powerful than she looks.

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