Ranking Characters Of The Wire: The Streets

A ranking of the best characters in the game from loyal soldiers to powerful drug lords.

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David Simon created an extraordinary mosaic of fantastic and compelling characters with his show The Wire. Set in Baltimore, the show focuses on the drug scene of the city through the eyes of both law enforcement and the dealers.

Possessing one the richest ensembles in history with a whole array of characters to choose from on both sides, this list will focus on the dealers, criminals and citizens of the city.

Although the world of narcotics trafficking is always at the centre of the show, David Simon will often use The Wire to make observations on society, such as a commentary on the school systems or a look at the argument for the decriminalisation of drugs.

Simon will move his characters through these situations and scenarios, developing them and making them incredibly well evolved characters as a result.

From powerful drug kingpins to loyal enforcers and everything in between, the individuals on this list represent the very best The Wire has to offer from its street bound characters. The show's realistic storytelling and commitment to developing the relationships we see on screen has resulted in some of the best characters of all time.

15. Butchie

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A close confidant and friend of Omar, Butchie was the blind bar owner that had several connections in Baltimore's underworld. As Omar had a tendency to antagonise anyone in the game, it was nice to see he did have friends somewhere and despite his limited screen time overall, the connection between them was strongly felt.

Helping Omar out of several tight spots, Butchie could broker meetings between Omar and other figures in the drug trade as he would be Omar's point of contact. Butchie also provided him with protection when he was in prison and proved himself to be his true friend.

After Marlo wants to get back at Omar, and proving himself to be a very different kind of kingpin to Prop Joe or Stringer, Marlo has his man Chris Partlow torture and brutalise Butchie in an attempt to give him up. After he refuses to turn his friend in, Chris kills Butchie. It is a sad end to a character who put loyalty to his friend above his own life.

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