Ranking Every DC Animated TV Series From Worst To Best

They're the proverbial kings of superhero animation, but what's the best series that DC have done?

Batman Beyond
Warner Bros.

You don't have to look far to find a truly stellar animated series based on a character from DC Comics.

While Marvel have very much been in the driving seat of superheroes in live action, their west coast rivals have been owning it when it comes to animation. Indeed, DC have - through the medium of animation - produced what many would consider to be some of the finest comic book stories of all time. It's no easy feat to improve decades' worth of source material, but, time and again, the folks over at Warner Animation have found a way to do so. Whether it be through creating new stories of their own, or by adapting iconic storylines from the comics themselves, some of DC's finest animated efforts genuinely transcend the boundaries of what it means to be a cartoon.

As iconic as these heroes are, their cartoons have managed to leave their own indelible mark on popular culture. Batman: The Animated series is still widely regarded as the most definitive interpretation of the Caped Crusader to date, and the Teen Titans themselves would be nowhere near as popular as they are today if it hadn't been for their own animated series.

Though there have been a few dodgy incidents here and there, as well as occasions where Marvel gave them a run for their money, DC’s influence - and their appeal - in the medium remains unrivalled to this day.

22. Teen Titans Go!

While you may not have to look far to find some of DC's finest animated efforts, it's also true that the opposite can be said of some of their more recent, and indeed flawed, cartoon series'. Teen Titans Go! Is one of them.

Fans of the original Titans series harbour something of a grudge against this show, mainly because they just don't see why it should even exist in the first place. It's aimed at a younger audience for starters, but surely if they were going to resurrect the Titans it would've been a brighter idea just to follow the old format? You know, the one with a massive cult following?

Sad to say, but this show is no titan by any stretch of the imagination.

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