Ranking Every DC Animated TV Series From Worst To Best

3. Young Justice

Given Young Justice's teenage team, you'd probably be forgiven for thinking that, when compared to some of DC's other animated properties, it'd be lighter in tone. The show, however, was definitely not one to be taken lightly.

Miraculously revived for a third season late last year, Young Justice - like Teen Titans before it - followed a bunch of superhero sidekicks as they tried their best to get into the Justice League. Comprised initially of Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash, Artemis, Superboy and Miss Martian, the show later expanded to include characters like Blue Beetle and Beast Boy, crafting a very mature animated series in the process.

The show was rightly hailed for its mature approach to tackling the DC mythos, and quickly garnered a reputation for its honest and authentic depiction of adolescence. The series was also animated immaculately, ensuring that its approach to both action and drama was presented with the quality that had come to mark DC's other exploits in the medium.

Perhaps the most notable thing about the series, however, was that it packed a massive emotional punch when it wanted. There are genuine deaths in the show, along with moments of loss, grief, and tragedy. What Young Justice did best, however, was that it relied on a character-driven narrative and pulled it off to great effect - remaining to this day the most emotionally devastating animated series out there.

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