Ranking Every Episode From Love, Death And Robots

Dracula to Hitler, ghost fish to aliens, cyborgs to living dairy products, this show had it all!

Lucky 13 Love Death Robots

From Tim Miller, the director of the first Deadpool movie, Love, Death & Robots is a pioneering and exciting series of short animated films.

Each one is completely unique and different from the rest, and they stand as incredibly individual pieces of art independent of each other.

From a sentimental hand drawn romp to a fully CGI action fest to a mix of live action in an oddball comedy. Love, Death & Robots' best asset is its unpredictability, you never know what you're going to get except from the thin connectivity of the fact it will be a science fiction story in some way or another.

This does mean the quality will vary, some are an exceptional few minutes that can't be forgotten with clever deep meanings and gorgeous animation, others feel like a waste of time and a pointless addition to the collection of shorts.

It's a strange series but an ambitious one with a lot to love and a lot to talk about in its 18 episode first season. The show celebrates the wonders of animation and deserves to be praised regardless.

18. Suits

Lucky 13 Love Death Robots

A community of off-world colonisers inspired by their rural western roots defend their farms from an alien invasion with their large mechanised suits. What feels like an animated version of Firefly with an incredibly similar musical score in addition to the space western concept, none of this short's good ideas manage to feel original.

Aside from the heavy Firefly inspiration, the animation isn't particularly impressive and when it quickly devolves into the action against the oncoming aliens, the fighting feels generic and unimpressive. In one of the easily most forgettable shorts of the collection, Suits has nothing of great value to offer and the worst thing that can be said about it is you wouldn't miss a thing if it wasn't there.

Clunky dialogue and characterisation as well as bland mech and alien designs make up the rest of the worst short in the series. If you want something with a similar feel, just watch Firefly instead.


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