Rick And Morty: 10 Worst Things Rick Has Done

9. Unleash The Meeseeks

Rick And Morty
Adult Swim

Meeseeks And Destroy is one of the best-loved episodes of Rick & Morty’s run so far. Coming in the first season, the Meeseeks have become one of the most recognisable characters on the show.

Although they were created by Rick, he doesn’t really have much contact with them in the episode. So how much he can be fully blamed for their actions is up for debate. However, he is pretty reckless with leaving highly advanced technology in the hands of his (clearly incapable) family, so he definitely has to be held responsible.

Jerry, as usual, is the one who really screws everything up, although this time he at least tries to do the right thing. While Summer and Beth use the Meeseeks box for existential help, Jerry is clear and concise. He needs to take some strokes off his golf game.

However, while Beth & Summer’s big questions are answered quickly, Jerry’s golf game continues to stutter. More and more Meeseeks are called in to help, but as they’re used to living for incredibly short lengths of time, Jerry’s ineptitude drives them to insanity. Which is probably fitting for a race created by Rick, in all honesty.


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