Riverdale: Ranking All The Main Characters From Worst To Best

Before season five, let's remember the best and worst characters Riverdale has to offer...

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Having most recently finished up its fourth season, Riverdale has been entertaining, confusing and moving audiences since 2017. Having aired nearly 80 episodes as of this writing, the show has been everything from murder mystery, teen melodrama, romance, horror and crime-drama, with just a splash of mad comedy and musical episodes for good measure.

Along the way, fans have been introduced to numerous characters, all taken from the Archie Comics on which the show is based and all offering something to the overall wackiness of the show's biggest misadventures.

Led by the core four of Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, there are alongside them an odd assortment of high school friends and enemies, gang leaders, mobsters and shady parents, all of whom work together to keep the insanity of the show running full-speed with every passing season.

Not all of the characters are as great as others, but all are memorable creations...for better or worse.

With that in mind, here are all of Riverdale's major characters ranked worst to best. This list will focus only on the main characters, so recurring players such as Mary Andrews and Ethel Muggs will not be included here.

14. Hiram Lodge

Riverdale Cheryl Blossom Fire
The CW

Back in season one, Hiram Lodge worked wonders, but that's only because he hadn't turned up on screen yet. Before his season two debut, Hiram was a shady, frequently mentioned bad guy, the shady father of Veronica who would, inevitably, become one of the show's main villains down the line.

As a mysterious presence everyone seemed scared of back in the show's debut, he worked. Come season two, when he actually turned up, he was nothing but a flat and unengaging villain who hasn't been given any time to grow as a character.

Though Mark Consuelos is okay in the role, trying his damnedest to chew through the lackluster material his character is given, Hiram is still exactly as he was when he arrived on the show: the villain. Only, his whole shady bad guy act has now become stale and painfully repetitive, and the threat he once posed is well and truly gone.

There could be something deeper there, but we've yet to see it.

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