Riverdale: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

27. Hiram Lodge

The CW

Hiram Lodge was more convincing as the ghastly presence that hung over Season 1 than he ever was as an actual character. The reason for that is down to the fact that he never changes and ultimately never learns. And this isn't the same as the likes of Archie Andrews who just repeats the same mistakes over and over again, it's much worse than that as the writers seem to think that Hiramis only capable of playing one role: Villain.

He was never great, but at least in Season 2 he had purpose. However, when he was finally defeated by our core four, he wasn't changed or written out; he was instead relegated to secondary villain status and has been irrelevant ever since.

Better yet, he constantly attempts to pull the same old one-dimensional evil villain rubbish that he's been pulling since his arrival and it's just not interesting anymore. Hiram is a caricature and the longer this goes on for, the more screen time he wastes.

Mark Consuelos is both brilliant and convincing in the role and it's a joy to see him bring some of the other aspects of Hiram's personality to life. Unfortunately, the writers just aren't interested in exploring that as, every time he has an intriguing moment (making amends with Archie, showing genuine emotion after Hermione's attempts to kill him), he instantly reverts back to his boring old villainous ways. And now, we have to endure yet another season of one-dimensional daddy goes dark. Yay.

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