Riverdale Season 3: 2 Ups & 4 Downs From 'Prom Night'

Gryphon Queen meets Gargoyle King at the prom.

Riverdale S3 Ups Downs 20
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Contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 3, Episode 20.

If you've managed to make it through Riverdale's third season without scratching your head thus far, then you deserve a round of applause. The show has managed to intentionally baffle viewers, with its thrilling mysteries and eyebrow-raising twists, but it has spent the vast majority of the season unintentionally frustrating viewers with its underwhelming narrative progressions and its weak characterisations - both of which have undercut a storyline that had real potential.

The show attempted to get things back on track in 'Prom Night' - an episode which sought to recreate one of Riverdale's finest offerings ('The Midnight Club') as Betty and Jughead orchestrated a trap for the Gargoyle King. Elsewhere, Archie had his own obstacles to overcome as his mother didn't love the idea of him becoming a boxer, and Veronica also struggled with the revelation that her father was still pulling the strings.

'Prom Night' was a step up from last week's offering - relying on jump scares, eerie visuals and many familiar traits that Riverdale thrives on, but if you take a closer look, it won't be long before the cracks in the narrative start showing once again.

First, the positives.

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