Scream: 12 WTF Moments From Episode 2

This week on Scream: more murder and even more online bullying.

Scream Murderville Sign

Another dead body, another murder investigation, and another weird monologue from Noah. Welcome back to Lakewood.

After a pretty enjoyable premiere, Episode 2 of MTV’s Scream, Hello, Emma, wasn’t quite as good as the opening act. This time there’s an even greater focus on the teenage drama, getting further into the love triangle and the cheating boyfriend subplot as well as opening up a whole new romance between Noah and Riley. If you were annoyed by the scenes last week that felt kind of like a teenage soap opera, this episode won’t do much to dissuade you of that notion.

But Hello, Emma still had plenty of highlights and crazy moments, and it moved the murder investigation storyline along at a nice pace. The killer has claimed another victim, he’s revealed his mask to the public in a grisly viral image and, in another amazing phone call scene, he’s making sure yet again that Emma knows exactly how screwed she is.

Overall it’s an episode filled with lots of dumb scenes, but there’s still enough good stuff in here that the series continues to be a fun experience. Let’s take a look at the 12 WTF moments from Episode 2 of Scream.

12. Rachael’s Death

Scream Murderville Sign

The opening of this episode is actually really disturbing and effective, beginning on Rachael who has taken all the terrible online comments very personally. She gets a call from Audrey, but it quickly becomes clear this is actually the killer, who shows up and murders Rachael (but makes it look like a suicide).

There’s an awesome moment of tension here where Rachael goes outside only to see a noose hanging from the balcony. The scene builds and builds, obviously leading the audience to think Audrey is hanging there. But Rachael grabs the rope and begins lifting it up, only to reveal it’s completely empty… and then Ghostface strikes.

This raises a lot of questions about why the killer would go after Rachael. Killing Nina made sense if the plan is to expose bad people, but what did Rachael do? Why kill both the bully and the bullied? Was it to make a point that everyone’s online bullying is what killed her?

Unlike a lot of slasher movies, there’s no glee to be found in this death. It’s just straight up upsetting. Poor Rachael.

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