Scrubs: How It Should Be Re-Cast In 2021

Who could be the new faces of Sacred Heart?!

Scrubs Recast

A show can live or die by its cast, which makes the group of characters/actors in Scrubs so special. The series truly hit the nail on the head when it came to gathering the performers required, as each character from JD down to The Janitor was played perfectly. Still, it's always fun to try and catch lightning in a bottle twice.

The characters in Scrubs work not only because of their iconic performers but because they're perfectly tapped into archetypes. Each one plays an integral role, with the daydreaming protagonist, quirky love-interest, mean spirited boss, disgruntled mentor and more helping the show feel full. Individually, they all did something good, but as a unit, they were flawless.

When it comes to reimaging the series, there are plenty of actors to pick and choose from, as the comedians of today are bountiful, and a whole new host of TV/movie figures have grabbed the spotlight and gone to town with it.

It would undoubtedly be jarring to see these iconic figures with different faces, but if they were the ones you're about to see, then it would be an absolute pleasure.

10. Bob Kelso - Matthew Perry

Scrubs Recast

When looking back at the cast of Scrubs, it can be easy to forget about good old Bob Kelso.

Sacred Heart's Chief of Medicine was a great character with brilliant humour and an essential role as the financial adversary to the do-good doctors. Still, he was such a side character that he was often neglected. One way to make sure this doesn't happen again would be to cast someone like Matthew Perry.

The man behind the iconic Chandler Bing has the right age and looks for this character, and still has a big following thanks to his Friends legacy. It's impossible to deny that he'd nail the sarcasm and mean-spirit of Kelso right on the head, as his skills with line delivery and witty humour carried him through most of his career.

Plus, Perry could do with a career revival, as he's still beloved by many but has been a little downtrodden since the end of Friends. Seeing him rise to the occasion in this fantastic role would be everything fans of both Scrubs and Friends need.

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