Seinfeld Quiz: How Much Do You Remember About The IMDb Top 15 Rated Episodes?

Can you answer a trivia question about each of the most popular Seinfeld episodes?

Seinfeld George The Hamptons

Running for 9 seasons, Seinfeld is arguably one of the greatest tv shows of all time.

Set in New York, we got to hang out with Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer as they somehow found themselves in weird and wonderful scenarios each week. Seinfeld often featured episodes famously about nothing, like when the gang waited for a table in a restaurant. To the bizarre, like when Kramer put up the set of the Merv Griffin show in his apartment.

With 180 episodes in total, there are plenty of episodes that we all fell in love with and each of us has our favourite from the show.

How much can you remember the best rated IMDb episodes of Seinfeld? We've recently taken a look at which episodes were the ranked the highest and have have come up with a quiz that will test even the biggest Seinfeld fan will find difficult.

All you have to do to prove you Seinfeld knowledge is answer a question about each of the top 15 best rated episodes according to IMDb. It might sound simple but we've come up with a few tricky questions. Will you prove to be the Master of your Domain when it comes to Seinfeld knowledge or is it "no soup for you"?

1. What Name Does Jerry Call Himself In "The Limo"?


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