Sense8 Finale: 10 Biggest Questions We're Left With After 'Amor Vincit Omnia'

9. What's Next For Sun?


All of the sensates have suffered over the past two seasons, but none more so than Sun Bak. The young woman decided to take the wrap for her brother Joong-Ki's embezzling, but then her brother turned on her, killed their father and made sure she'd never get out of prison. Nice guy.

But Sun never gave up and, with the help of her sensates, she managed to escape from prison. The finale found her in Paris with the rest of her cluster, and she received a call from Detective Mun, who wanted to help clear her name. He succeeded in doing so, and the detective even managed to track her down in Paris. The two then began a relationship.

With Whispers defeated and Sun exonerated, the future is bright for the young woman, but what will she do now? If she chooses to return to Seoul, then she could take over her father's company. But perhaps she would prefer to leave all of that in the past and look forward to a life with Detective Mun and her sensates by her side.


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