Sex Education: 10 Best Storylines So Far

The very best of Moordale's escapades!

Sex Education Goat

If you thought your school was the most drama-filled educational establishment, then you clearly didn't attend the open day at Moordale.

Sex Education is a show that seems to excel in everything it tries. It's funny, emotional, romantic, progressive, topical, and so much more. But, most of all, it is filled from wall to wall with drama. Thanks to this influx of conflict and entertainment, the show has gone on to become one of Netflix's biggest success stories.

The writing in the show has been consistently strong, with almost zero breaks in quality. After a whole three seasons - and more on the way - it has shown no signs of slowing down, which has led to plenty of eye-catching storylines.

While every plot in the show has something going for it, it's safe to say that some have soared high above the others. Whether it's because they developed the characters more, did something unexpected, or simply gave viewers the best drama, these coming storylines are the best that the show has produced.

Netflix will have to work hard to outdo these plotlines.

10. Jackson's Struggles With Anxiety

Sex Education Goat

Jackson is a character with more ups and downs than a roller coaster at Thorpe Park. He started as a seemingly shallow jock who got in the way of Otis' crush on Maeve. However, he slowly but surely changed, becoming a far more rounded character, with this storyline acting as a stepping stone on that path.

During season one, Jackson revealed to Maeve that he's suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since he was a young boy. This is taken even further in season two after he deliberately injures his hand to avoid the pressure and anxiety of his swimming career.

Overall, this narrative developed his character brilliantly and showed that even the most extroverted people can harbour issues you can't see on the surface. It gave his relationship with Maeve a little more substance and painted him in a far more sympathetic light.

Sadly, his anxiety issues seem to be an afterthought now, as most of his story in season three saw him as a romantic interest for Cal. Here's hoping it will pick up again in season four.


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