Sex Education Season 3: 12 Questions That Must Be Answered

Will Maeve and Isaac become the next hot couple?!


Netflix's Sex Education has returned with another profound season. After a chlamydia outbreak at Moordale High, Jean is hired to implement better sex education as the students continue to struggle topical issues while navigating sex, relationships and identity.

Otis must face the pressures of high school romance now that he's in a relationship with Ola. Maeve has been suspended and works at a pretzel shop. Eric strikes up a new romance with French transfer student Rahim, while Adam struggles to adjust to military school.

The series makes a subtle shift that allows the female characters to come to the foreground of the drama. Aimee experienced sexual assault which is handled with care as the series takes the time to highlight the long-lasting effects of trauma.

Sex Education also explored other themes such as asexuality, menopause and the morning after pill. Not to mention it briefly touched upon ghost fetishes -- something fun that the series should revisit to be honest.

Due to the abundance of diverse characters and their complex storylines, we're left with some unanswered questions which will hopefully be answered in season 3.

Contains spoilers for Sex Education Season 2.


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