She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode Seven Review - 6 Ups & 2 Downs

Finally, people are starting to like Jen for Jen.

She Hulk Jen Blonsky
Marvel Studios

With a seventh episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the series has now gone where only WandaVision and What If…? have gone before on the platform. The majority of MCU Disney+ series have been limited to just six episodes, but not She-Hulk.

The episodes may be shorter than the likes of Loki, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, and the others, but as far as this writer is concerned, more episodes of She-Hulk can only be a good thing. Even if they are shorter. What Jessica Gao and the entire team behind the show are doing is clearly working.

Last week’s self-contained episode, though still a strong episode, was a little short of the expectation set for fans by the series so far. While this episode was also stand-alone in a way, in that the majority of it took place on Emil Blonsky’s wellness retreat, it was up there with the best of the series.

Not only did it allow Tatiana Maslany to continue to prove that she is the perfect Jennifer Walters, it surrounded her with a group of wonderful characters that didn’t steal her spotlight. Another great episode, though as is always the case, not perfect…

8. Down - Not Exactly Shocking

She Hulk Jen Blonsky
Marvel Studios

Much of the seventh episode of She-Hulk was centered around the fact that Jen was being ignored by Josh. The guy she met at Lulu’s wedding seemed to be a great guy, but again after sleeping together for the first time, he ghosted her.

All through the episode, Jen was wondering what had happened to Josh, why he wasn’t responding to her messages, and if he was okay. In reality, it really wasn’t that big of a mystery as the group figured out (although it wasn’t quite as straightforward as just plain ghosting).

When they first met, Josh seemed to make a point of focusing on Jen rather than She-Hulk, which of course made Jen feel great, but there’s no denying his face did light up slightly when she referenced Hulking out.

Plus the fact that the HulkKing tease had gone nowhere as of yet in the episode, the reveal that Josh was working for the yet-to-be-seen villain really wasn’t all that surprising. She-Hulk has already done the story of a seemingly good guy being not what he seems, and so this did feel like a bit of repetition.

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