Sherlock: 10 Most Hated Episodes

For a show with so little episodes, it's disappointing how many of them are so bad.

Sherlock The Final Problem

The TV series Sherlock was once considered to be one of the greatest TV shows of its time, but the more it went on, the more ridiculous, tedious and uninteresting it became. The first half of Sherlock contains highly acclaimed episodes filled with wit, sharpness, suspense, and even occasional humour, but the second half seems to go completely overboard with its complexity and comedic scenes, turning the series into an overindulgent, incoherent, and overdone disaster.

While Sherlock has had more duds than successes as a whole, its first half is filled with so many great moments, it's a bit hard to believe the bad episodes and the good episodes even come from the same show. That being said, Sherlock currently only has 13 episodes, and with Season 5 still unsure, it looks like the series will remain to have 13 episodes for a while. Some great one are included in this list simply because they didn't make the cut for the top three of the series.

Still, it's easy to see why Sherlock had such a strong fanbase, considering how smart, well-acted and all-around fun the series used to be. It's a shame many of the episodes of this list come from the same show and the decline in quality is certainly disappointing, to say the least.

10. A Study In Pink

Sherlock The Final Problem

Alas, poor A Study in Pink. This really does not belong on a "Most Hated Sherlock Episodes" list, but because Sherlock only has 13 episodes, only three can be absent from this list. A Study in Pink almost makes the cut for those three, but since it's the pilot offering, it only makes sense that Sherlock fans would prefer the show's other great outings rather than this one.

For a pilot, though, it's a seriously great one. It does a great job at introducing the show's characters and even interjects fun humor during occasional bits. One of the biggest problems the later episodes of Sherlock would have is just how much forced comedy they have, often feeling like the writers set aside the plot at times in order to spotlight a comedic scene.

This episode, however, does comedy without it ever feeling like getting in the way of the plot. Sherlock is a detective show, after all, and like all detective shows should be, A Study in Pink starts the iconic reimagining off as tense, exciting, suspenseful, and most of all, plenty of fun.

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