Sherlock: 10 Worst Things Sherlock Holmes Ever Did

The times Sherlock was a total villain in his own show.

Sherlock John

When you live life as a high-functioning sociopath, you're inevitably going to make some poor judgement calls when it comes to morality.

This doesn't inherently mean that those who lack a sense of empathy are bad people, just that they may struggle to comprehend how their actions affect others. If you insert some crime into the mix, then it generates a deadly cocktail of bad behaviour.

Sherlock was a great chance to re-insert the classic Arthur Conan Doyle under the microscope and analyse how his behaviour would work in a modern setting. It's safe to say that his volatile and borderline unsociable personality gave the series plenty of exciting yet dark moments.

Across the show's four seasons, viewers got the chance to see their favourite detective in action, solving crimes and mysteries alongside his ever-faithful number 2, John Watson. But, it wasn't all fun and games, as the titular character did some rather deplorable things that made him a little tough to love at times.

The following ten entries are the worst of the worst, as his deductive reasoning often forgot his humanity.


This list will contain spoilers.

10. Constantly Destroying 221B Baker Street

Sherlock John

Being a landlady must be tough, but it's exponentially tougher when your resident is a wild, uncaring and dangerous detective prone to fits of boredom.

This is one aspect of Sherlock's life that can be increasingly tough to sit through, as his blatant disregard for Mrs Hudson's property is awkward at best and horrible at worst.

Sherlock did a great many things throughout the show's run to his iconic home of 221B Baker Street. For one, he was always inviting criminal activity thanks to his profession, allowing dangerous individuals to make their way there. This even led to the homestead being blown to smithereens in the show's final episode.

However, further from just the activity he brings into it, he's also partial to destroying it himself. The most egregious example of this came when he shot up the wall with a handgun, firing into a spray-painted smiley face on the wall. His excuse for this, well, he was "bored".

This must have been a justifiable reason to kick someone out, so it's a wonder that Mrs Hudson never did so.

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