Sherlock Season 3: 5 Things We Want To See

We're just under a year away until Sherlock returns to our screens and with little being given away about what's set to happen, we list the 5 things we want to see come Autumn 2013!!!

Sherlock is not set to return to our screens until the autumn of 2013, but the hype surrounding it has not yet diminished, even after a year of the show€™s absence. The critically acclaimed modern adaptation starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman ended its second outing last year after facing the infamous Irene Adler, the Hound of Baskerville and the napoleon of crime himself, Jim Moriarty. But I€™m sure everyone will agree with me in saying that the season finale, €˜The Reichenbach Fall€™ was the cherry on the cake. 7.9 million Viewers tuned in to watch Sherlock face off against his one-time nemesis Moriarty, played by the ever talented Andrew Scott, in what became one of the greatest cliff-hangers in TV history. So, with the series creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss keeping a tight lid on the details for the upcoming series, this article will detail the €˜5 Things That We Want to See In Sherlock Season 3.€™ Please be aware that the following article contains spoilers. You have been warned!!!

1. How Did He Survive?

This probably won€™t come as a great shock to you that this is at the top of my list, but I thought I may as well review some of the theories that have been cooking up this past year. €˜The Reichenbach Fall€™ ended the second series of Sherlock with a heart-aching moment, with the loveable Detective throwing himself off the hospital roof in order to call off Moriarty€™s assassins from taking out the three people who he cares most about. Now, I would like to take a moment to first congratulate Moffat and Gatiss on the quality of their writing. The confrontation between Benedict€™s Sherlock and Andrew€™s Moriarty was superb on so many levels. For one, it showed well and truly the power of Moriarty; that he could outsmart the great detective. It was also the moment where Sherlock appeared most human; his eyes filled with fear as he was given his ultimatum; to kill himself, or watch his friends die. But anyway, back to my list. The world watched as Sherlock Holmes fell to his death, becoming headline news in the newspapers and then the intense monologue from Freeman€™s Watson at the graveside. But even though the cast gave such a wonderful performance and sold the story that Sherlock was truly dead, he turns out to be alive and well, hiding behind a tree, watching from afar. Those who are familiar with the original stories or even Guy Ritchie€™s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows will have known that Sherlock survives despite the world believing he was dead. But how did he survive this fall? Theories have been formulating throughout the web, all contemplating different scenarios that seem plausible enough, yet Moffat himself stated that there was one clue that everyone was missing, €˜€something that Sherlock did that was very out of character, but which nobody has picked up on.€™ Well, he€™s hardly going to tell us if we find it, is he? Even so, here are some of the clues that have been spotted. Some people think that it wasn€™t really Sherlock who fell; others believe that the rubbish truck that drove off seconds later somehow cushioned his fall. Some think that the biker that hit John injected him with the Baskerville drug, that made him more readily believe that Sherlock was really dead, others simply that the biker was there to delay him from seeing the body. Some even believe that Mycroft was involved! But one variable that I think we can all agree on was that Molly was involved. She€™s been there since the beginning, being the loveable yet awkward character pining for Sherlock€™s attention, yet she wasn€™t targeted by Moriarty (despite the fact he once dated her). Either way, Molly was the key to assuring that the world believed Sherlock was dead €“ it€™s just the fall that we€™re all puzzled about. Unfortunately, we€™ll have to wait until Autumn 2013 but Moffat promises a spectacular reveal and judging by the shows current success trend, I don€™t doubt him for a second.

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