The Simpsons: 10 Dark Jokes That Took You By Surprise

6. Homer 'Kills' The Krusty Burglar ('Homie The Clown')

Homies There is a character in The Simpsons known as the Estonian Dwarf, a jobbing actor and stuntman who has 'played' Lisa ('Burns' Heir') Milhouse ('Radioactive Man') and, in his most memorable role to date, the Krusty Burglar. It is this last performance to which we draw our attention. As his name suggests, the Krusty Burglar is a mascot whose sole aim, for the purposes of this publicity stunt, is to sneak by and steal oversized styrofoam burgers. As he does so, the crowd of children that have gathered cannot contain their excitement. Unfortunately Homer, who, having recently graduated from clown college is standing in for Krusty, doesn't recognise this as part of the stunt. And so, before anyone can stop him, he tackles the poor fella to the ground and punches him. Repeatedly. ''Stop! Sto-oop!'' sobs one young onlooker, clearly traumatised. ''He's already dee-eaad!'' Thankfully, he isn't. But only, you assume, because The Simpsons would have become a very different show had Homer actually killed an innocent man before a row of crying kids. And so the Krusty Burglar is shown bruised and beaten but, crucially, still conscious. Conscious enough to ask bystanders to check his Medic Alert bracelet, at least. When discussing this scene on the DVD commentary, Matt Groening is noticeably less comfortable than his colleagues; concerned that the joke became too violent. It's certainly one of The Simpsons' more memorable moments, if only for the simple fact that watching a clown beat a dwarf half to death is as hilarious/harrowing as it sounds.
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