The Simpsons: 10 Deleted Scenes You Must See

Think you've seen it all? You've got some nerve, mister!

Ah The Simpsons. One of the most beloved and most re-watchable programs in television history. We all love The Simpsons and even those who stopped watching five, ten or fifteen years ago, still watch their old favourites whenever they're on. But if you've stuck with America's favourite non-prehistoric family through all 25 seasons, does that mean you've seen everything? If you've watched all 550 plus episodes, can you really claim that you've seen it all?

Of course you haven't! No episode of The Simpsons - or anything really - includes every line or scene that was originally written. The producers only have thirty minutes (including commercials) to work with and so nonessential scenes get cut. In most cases it's for the best. Watch the deleted scenes on any DVD of any film or program and you'll understand why certain content had to go. But in other cases, these deleted scenes are as good or even better than the scenes that made it to air. Sure, hardcore Simpsons fans will have already seen all the deleted scenes in their vast DVD collection, but for those of you that don't have the time, here's ten favourites that must be seen by all.
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