The Simpsons: 10 Deleted Scenes You Must See

10. Satan Auditions For Burns

In A Star Is Burns, Mr Burns attempts to make his own biopic with the help of Senor Steven Spielbergo. Casting does not go according to plan however as none of the candidates (including Hannibal Lecter and William Shatner) can properly pronounce Burns' iconic catchphrase "Excellent". Burns decides he will play himself, but not before auditioning one last candidate. That candidate turns out to be Satan himself (or an equally horrifying demonic creature) complete with horns and wings. He growls "Excellent" in a dark evil voice that has Smithers and Spielbergo terrified. Burns enthusiastically declares that the demon will be his understudy. Burns has always been linked with, compared to and even accused of being the devil, so this hilarious audition scene adds another layer to Burns' pure evilness. It's also telling that Satan is the only applicant Burns likes. If the scene sounds ridiculous, we'd point out that the very same episode featured a scene where God himself rescued Todd Flanders and actually replied to Ned's prayer with an "Okily Dokily". So including the devil only seems fair.
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