The Simpsons: 10 Greatest Movie Spoofs

Hank Scorpio - great boss, with megalomaniac tendencies.

The Simpsons is a cultural institution in its own right, but it is has always had its eye on the rest of pop culture. Music, television, and particularly movies have long been the source of much parody and satire, often done with cleverness and, when need be, a sharp tongue. Perhaps on occasion they've overdone it, but that€™s only when they don€™t succeed, and they usually succeed. Particularly in the early days The Simpsons trotted out many funny spoofs of works of cinema, classic or otherwise. This was back before the days of shows like Family Guy, when extended pop culture references were not overabundant. With so many top=notch movie spoofs in the history of The Simpsons, it is difficult to cull a list down to a mere 10 items. Frankly, one could easily do a list of the top 10 spoofs of The Godfather, or Citizen Kane, or one of the other movies that the folks behind the show clearly love and admire. So, with that in mind, here are the elite movie spoofs from television€™s longest running sitcom. This does not include any of the show€™s riffs on The Simpsons Movie, if only to keep the snake from eating its own tail.
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