The Simpsons: 10 Greatest Movie Spoofs

1. You Only Move Twice

The Simpsons move to a new city because Homer gets a new, better job, and at first everything seems great. Homer€™s boss, Hank Scorpio, is gregarious and a friendly boss, Homer is successful at work, and the family is happy. Of course, because the show needs to return to equilibrium, eventually Marge, Lisa, and Bart find themselves unhappy with their new life, and so Homer agrees to move back to Springfield. Scorpio is surprisingly forgiving, what with him being a supervillain and all. That€™s what the twist is in €œYou Only Move Twice,€ and you can sort of see it coming with the title that is a play on the Bond movie You Only Live Twice. In fact, Scorpio even has a nemesis named Mr. Bont. Bont almost escapes, but Homer tackles him, which Scorpio is so grateful for he promises Homer a new storey on his house. Oh, then he has his henchmen shoot Bont dead. There are big firefights and doomsday devices and Scorpio buys Homer the Denver Broncos. The juxtaposition of Scorpio€™s friendly personality and work jeans (but not his coat, which you won't realise he never gave you) with his vicious, ruthless personality is funny as is, and putting him on the Simpsons makes him the best movie spoof in the show€™s history.
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