The Simpsons: 10 Real Unaired Pitches (And What They Could Have Been About)

At 545 episodes in, it's crazy to think that some ideas are still on the cutting room floor to this day.

The Simpsons is widely considered to be one of the greatest TV shows of all time. The American animated sitcom has been running for 25 seasons, making it the longest running American prime time television show, and all the members of The Simpson family are worldwide icons. While the quality has understandably waned somewhat from when the show was at its peak, it still maintains a viewership of millions across the world. The show has aired 545 episodes at the time of writing and with it being renewed by Fox for a 26th season, it is hard to believe that there are many ideas that the show haven't done. In honour of the show's 500th episode back in 2012, show runner and writer Bill Oakley tweeted about real-life pitches that were made for The Simpsons that ultimately didn't make it to air. This list intrigued me and many other Simpsons fans at what could have been. Some of these ideas were merged into other episodes, some got no further than a title or theme for an episode, while some were fully fleshed out but were abandoned prior to animation and voice work. This list chronicles the ten ideas in the order that Oakley tweeted them and discusses the history of these plotline/episode ideas, alongside how these could have gone - ultimately deciding whether or not they would have worked.
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