The Simpsons: 10 Secondary Characters Voiced By Harry Shearer

6. Kent Brockman

First Appearance: "The Telltale Head," Season 1. The former "Kenny Brockelstein" is the head anchor of Channel 6 news, but also hosts the magazine news show Eye on Springfield, the news-panel talk show Smartline, and will hit the streets as a reporter, too. It is not uncommon for Brockman to add an editorial comment to a story or clip ("I've said it before, and I'll say it again: democracy simply doesn't work") and he has his own editorial segment- called "My Two Cents"- during many newscasts. Funniest Moment: When Homer traveled into space, Brockman took the opportunity to do a live interview: unfortunately, Homer had just accidentally smashed open an ant farm. Brockman: "Ladies and gentlemen, we've just lost the picture, but, what we've seen speaks for itself. The Corvair spacecraft has been taken over - 'conquered', if you will - by a master race of giant space ants. It's difficult to tell from this vantage point whether they will consume the captive earth men or merely enslave them. One thing is for certain, there is no stopping them; the ants will soon be here... And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. I'd like to remind them that as a trusted TV personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves."
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